Day Camp 



Our Kids' Place LKN is here for you and your family 7 days a week for those planned and unplanned events. Our goal is to make your child’s stay unforgettable from the very beginning and ease caregivers' minds. To achieve this goal, the staff at Our Kids’ Place LKN will greet you at the door, walk you through the registration/check-in process which will include taking photos of all child(ren) and any persons allowed to pick up the child. The student will remove their shoes in the lobby, have their temperature check, and utilize hand sanitizer prior to entering the play area. Students will spend most of their time in one of our fun-filled classrooms with well-qualified caregivers. In day camp children will be allowed to play in our playhouse provided the space is not overcrowded. There is only one entrance/exit into the playhouse besides our emergency exits. There is always a staff member at this door and children in day camp shall only leave this space if accompanied by a staff member. Upon your arrival for pick up, your id will be checked, and a staff member will escort your child to the lobby.

Please note: Drop-in/short-term child care arrangements are not required to be licensed and regulated by any state agency, including the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) or the Division of Child Development and Early Education (DCDEE). Instead, they are registered with DCDEE as required by G.S. 110-86(2)(d)(d1) and G.S. 110-99(c).




We proudly serve ages 3 Months Old to 12 Years Old!


Annual Family Membership Fee: $89.99



  • Hourly Rate: $12.50 for 1st child, $11.50 for each child after


  • Hourly Rate: $9.50 for 1st child, $8.50 for each child after


Kids’ Club Packages – For Members Only 


1 Child:

  • 12 Hours: $102, $8.50 per hour  

  • 24 Hours: $192, $8 per hour


2+ Children:

  • 12 Hours: $192, $16 per hour  

  • 24 Hours: $372, $15.50 per hour 

*During normal business hours, all parents will be given a 15-minute grace period. After the grace period, parents will be charged to the nearest half an hour. If you are late after closing, the late fee is a full hour every 15 minutes per child. 

Dropping Off Your Child

  • Please label all your children’s items and hand them to our front desk receptionist or your child's teacher.

  • If your child is potty trained or potty training, please let us know during check-in.

  • Parents, sign your child in at the lobby and make sure they remove their shoes, get their temperature check, and use hand sanitizer. 

  • Give your child a hug and enjoy your time while they enjoy theirs.

Picking Up Your Child

By the end of your child's stay, most children are tired, ready to eat and/or ready for a rest time. Here are some suggestions to make this transition time easier for your child.

  • If payment is due, pay at the front desk before picking up.

  • Take all items from the front desk.

  • Sign out your child in the lobby.

  • Remember when you come to pick up, you are responsible for your child. The staff are watching the children whose parents have not yet arrived. Please understand we might not be able to chat at that time. Please check with the program supervisor to find a mutually convenient time for a parent/caregiver conference. We are happy to arrange a time to meet.

Dress for Success

Art projects and playgrounds are messy, as well as fun and educational. Make sure your child wears clothes that are washable and shoes that are practical. Any valuable jewelry or small items that could be misplaced or be a choking hazard for smaller children should be left at home. Our Kids’ Place Kids LKN assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen items.

Snacks and Lunch Time

Please provide a lunch/snack that your child can eat with minimal assistance. We will always provide an opportunity for a child to eat, but do not force them. Our teachers will provide feedback whenever appropriate. Our Kids’ Place LKN is nut-free.


We DO accept children in diapers and will assist in potty training. Please be sure to supply a fully stock diaper bag and/or change of clothes.

Nap Time

We DO have a dedicated sensory room for nap times while your child is with us. Please be sure to pack them a clean, special blanket or stuffed animal to help them feel extra comfortable. 

Discipline Policy

Our Kids’ Place LKN does not use any form of corporal punishment.


If your child is sick, please do not send them to drop-in care. If a child becomes sick while in attendance, the parent or designated contact person will be called on to pick up the child immediately. We recommend consulting the Keep Me Home If... document as a guide for whether or not your child should stay home.