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Our Kids’ Place LKN is Lake Norman’s premier playhouse and drop-in care. It is a family-owned business built with the love of children at its core. Its owners, Karen and LaWayne Johnson, are a local Mooresville family by the way of NYC. After desiring more interactive and family-oriented play and child care options for their 1-year old son Elliot, they decided to open their dream play and drop-in care space. Karen is a Columbia University alumnus and a 4-year Bill Gates Millennium Scholar. She’s a former NYC elementary school teacher and owner/head tutor of KS’ Ivy League Tutoring with over 15 years of early childhood and grade school experience. LaWayne is a Penn State alumnus and an experienced mechanical engineer who’s love of math and science is deeply woven into the fabrics of Our Kids’ Place LKN.


Our Kids’ Place LKN’s mission is to broaden the horizons of its students, challenge their minds and bodies, and build a sense of community that allows them to thrive and reach their true potential. Our goal is to provide families with a safe, inclusive space that creates long lasting joy, peace, memories, and friendships.     


To have your fun begin, register here.

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